Nintendo held their Direct Presentation today which was set to be primarily focused on software heading to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS platform and well…let’s just say that Nintendo broke the world! As many doubted, but even many more hoped for – Nintendo has finally revealed that Super Smash Bros is headed to the Nintendo Switch, and we are all SO HAPPY!

The announcement of the franchises debut on the Switch platform was met with hundreds of reaction videos which are now up on social media truly showcasing how much people really wanted Smash on the Switch, it’s truly an amazing time to be alive! The unveiling took place via a teaser trailer which through a lot of viewers off at first, ultimately making the revealing even more thrilling.

If that teaser trailer didn’t send chills down you’re spine then you’re probably not human. Well, you probably are, but can you really consider yourself a gamer? Only joking. But seriously, what a brilliant way to announce a Smash title. What’s even greater than the unveiling itself, is receiving the confirmation up front that the game will be arriving in 2018, meaning the way won’t be long till we truly have the ultimate Smash Bros experience in our very hands.


While much speculation is still be thrown around as to whether or not this upcoming title will be a enhanced port of the Wii U version of the game or not, all we know for sure is that Nintendo seems to be hyping it up as if it will be different enough for players to brawl it out once more.