One of the main things that have been absent from the Nintendo Switch since it’s launch are it’s various online functions, which have been very vaguely detailed in the past. Before the launch of the Switch, Nintendo announced that the console would work hand-in-hand with a dedicated Smartphone app, specifically for online voice chat/multiplayer lobbies.

With that said; with only a few weeks away from their E3 Spotlight Presentation, Nintendo has once again released updated details regarding the Switch’s online functions, as well as revealing some new upcoming features as well.

For starters; Nintendo has once again reminded us that the online multiplayer functions for the Nintendo Switch will in fact be free until 2018 for all Nintendo Account holders. This of course includes features such as online competitive multiplayer as well as co-op.

As far as the dedicated smart-phone app is concerned, it’s coming – this Summer actually! As noted above, the Switch’s dedicated smart-phone app will allow friends to connect with each other online through the app and create, organize, and schedule their own multiplayer/voice chat lobbies. With Splatoon 2 being the first online title to heavily benefit from the upcoming app, Nintendo has recently released an image of a official headset which will be launch alongside Splatoon 2, and while it looks to be a bit convoluted, it’s nice to see that we’ll have at least something to use to chat with our friends when the game drops.



Alongside the official online communication app, there will be various other features headed to the Nintendo Switch such as a Virtual Console like service which will allow subscribes to download certain games that are available during that given month. Subscribers of the online service will also be able to receive discounts on certain titles available on the eShop.


While many may be a bit skeptical of the various features and perks headed to the Nintendo Switch online service, you are really getting a good bang for your buck as the subscription prices are not bad, at all. A one month subscription will run you $3.99 with a 3 month subscription going for $7.99, and the annual subscription for $19.99; ultimately much cheaper than any other online service currently available on console.

You can learn all of the current official details regarding the online functions for the Nintendo Switch by visiting Nintendo’s official website located here.