I always get a bitter feeling after Nintendo Direct’s conclude. Not that I wasn’t satisfied, but more because I always want MORE! Nintendo announced quite a bit in today’s 46 minute direct, and while a lot of things were simply just shedding light on many titles we already new, we did receive a few surprises, Here’s our official Nintendo Direct Wrap-up!


Nintendo Wii U Announcements!


To kick things off for the Wii U Nintendo announced that it will be receiving and update that will enable player s to play “some” Wii titles by game-pad controls. Along with this, they have also announced that downloadable Wii software will soon be arriving on the eShop! Super Mario Galaxy 2 is available today! Punch-out will be available on the 22nd, and Metroid Trilogy will be available on the 29th!


*Kirby & The Rainbow Curse: Releasing Febuary 13th


-Compatible with Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede Amiibo.


*Wave 3 amiibo coming this febuary

-Robin, Lucina, pacman, wario, ness, charizard coming this spring as amiibo.


*Super Mario Amiibo coming this year!

Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach , Toad, Yoshi, Rosalina, and Wario amiibo on the way!


*Mario Party 10: Releases March 20th

 -Getting Amiibo party as a feature.


*Captain Toad Treasure tracker update coming to enable Amiibo function.


*Splatoon: May 2015 Release

-Central hub for online connectivity

-Shop available in the central hub to buy new gear for your character

-Characters will be able to use a set of 3 weapons during matches, each weapon for different situations.


*Hyrule Warriors

-Tingle DLC coming

-Young Link DLC coming

-Both will be packaged in a  Majora’s Mask themed DLC pack.



*Xenblade Chronicle’s X: (Coming 2015)


*Project Treasure by Namco 

-Free eShop title (More details TBA)


*Elliot Quest Wii U


*Blek Wii U


*Citizens of Earth WiiU/3DS


Nintendo 3DS Announcements!


* New Fire Emblem  for the 3DS

-Developed by the same team who made Fire Emblem Awakening

-Story by Shin Kibayashi

-Your choices in-game affect how the story and game progresses


*Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition for 3DS

-Coming to 3DS in May 2015!

– Puzzle Dragons Z + Super Mario Edition will be packaged together.


*Pokemon Shuffle

-Trozei styled game for free on eShop


*Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars: Release date March 5th

-Ability too tip players who make good levels

-Players will receive stars which will allow them to purchase new stage creation items.

-Free download code for both 3DS & Wii U when you purchase one or the other.


*Citizens of Earth WiiU/3DS

*Gunman Clive 2 Nintendo 3DS

*Moon Chronicles Nintendo 3DS

*Sega Classics (3D remakes) coming to 3DS

*Etrian Mystery Dungeon Nintendo 3DS

*Story of Seasons Nintendo 3DSf

-New game features.  Premier online multiplayer.


*Fossil Fighters Frontier Nintendo 3DS

-Battle online in tournaments

– 6 player local match

-8 player online battle.

-Online 3 player co-op


*New Nintendo 3DS XL: Release Date February 13th!

-Updated 3D Viewing experience

-Longer battery life

-New processor

-Micro SD card only (comes with a 4GB card)

-Comes in Red & Black, will not include an AC adapter.


*Code Name S.T.E.A.M: Release Date March 13th

-Will have Amiibo function

-Can add Marth/Ike/Lucina/Robin to your in-game roster via Amiibo functionality.

-More Marth Amiibo on the way later this year.



*Ace Combat 3DS

-Special Nintendo aircraft skin can be unlocked by syncing amiibos


*Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS XL: Release Date April 2015

-Bonus mode to view 3D models of all the monsters


*Ironfall Invasion 3DS – (Coming soon)

-3rd person  indie shooter coming to eShop


*Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS XL Bundle: Release Date February 13th

-Available Feb 13th at gamestop only

-Demo of MH4U will be available soon, will feature online and offline multiplaye, as well a tutorial to teach newcomers to the series, the fundamentals of Monster Hunter.


 *The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D: Release Date February 13th

-New 3DS XL Majoras Mask Edition bundle available on Feb 13th

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