WOW! What a Nintendo Direct right? So much information was crammed into a 48minute live-stream, that I’m not even sure I was able to catch it all!

Nintendo’s direct came to a close, only minutes ago and I’m still shaking from the excitement for what they have in store for us this year! In case you missed the Direct, check out all of the announcements from the stream below. Everything listed are what Nintendo touched, and or what was announced. Let us know what your favorite announcement was!


Nintendo 3DS Announcements

*Fire Emblem x Shinagami Tensei

*Box Boy (April 2nd on Nintendo eShop)

* Pokemon Rumble World (April 8th)

*Puzzle Dragon Z/Puzzle Dragon: Super Mario Edition (Demo coming May 30th!)

*Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (May 2015)

*Codename Steam (Demo now currently available

– Update coming soon

-HIJINKS Tournament starting April 1st – 5th

*Street Pass MiiPlaza Update

-New games on the way (Available as $7.99 bundled)

*XenoBlade Chronicles 3D (April 30th)

* New Fire Emblem (Coming 2016)

-The character you create will be the main story character.

*Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (Fall 2015)

-Design homes for your favorite Animal Crossing Villagers

-Use Amiibo cards to invite different villagers over to houses



Nintendo Wii U Announcements

*Amiibo tap: Greatest Hits – Spring Download for free

*Mario Maker – Launching September 2015

*Yoshis Wooly World – Launching June 26th!

*Splatoon  – Launching May 29th

-Ranked battle, casual battle, and battle dojo (local) confirmed

-Splatoon (inkling) amiibo coming alongside launch

*Nintendo DS and Nintendo 64 coming to Wii U Virtual console

* Fatal Frame 5 (Coming 2015)

*Mario Kart 8 DLC #2 (April 23rd)

-Isabelle, Villager, Dry Bowser

-New Vehicles

-Two new cups

-200cc class coming as a free update (April 23rd)


General/Misc Announcements

*Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot

-Vote for your favorite Nintendo characters to join the Smash Bros Roster!

*Lucas coming as DLC to Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U (June 2015)

*amiibo wave 4 coming May 28th!

*amiibo wave 5 and 6 on the way!

*Yarn Yoshi Amiibo, green, pink, and light blue on the way

*Splatoon Amiibo ser

*More Marth amiibo coming in May



Indie Titles

*Adventures of Pip

* Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Summer 2015)

*Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (June 2015)

* Don’t Starve: Giant Edition  (May 2015)

*forma. 8

*Dementium: Remasterd

* Affordable Space Adventures


* Never Alone

*Ninja Pizza Girl

* Antipole DX

* Life of Pixel

*Badland: GOTY Edition


* Run bow

*Back to Bed

* Space Hulk

* Race the Sun


* Dot Arcade

*Swords and Soldiers II

*Lionel City Builder

* Toto

* The Bridge


*Windup Knight