Nintendo’s investor’s meeting has just taken place in Japan, and with it’s conclusion has come various exciting announcements the company has took to social media to announce to it’s fans.

Nintendo has officially announced that their next-generation experience, currently code-named “NX” will be arriving, worldwide, in March of 2017. Ultimately destroying the Holiday 2016 rumors for the consoles release that have been swirling around as of recent.

Along with this fairly big announcement, the company has also revealed that their upcoming E3 2016 presence will heavily be surrounded on The new Legend of Zelda, which is has also been announced to be arriving in 2017, for both Wii U and NX. The title originally had been announced to be arriving in 2016, after being delayed multiple times. The company announced that the title has been delayed to 2017 in order to further improve the quality of both versions.

With Nintendo finally revealing some solid details regarding the NX’s release, many have begun to worry about the possibility of a complete absence of the next-gen hardware at E3 2016, especially with the company announcing it’s focus on Zelda for this upcoming E3. While I personally believe that this would be a huge mistake for Nintendo to make, especially with so much media coverage happening at E3, it seems they may have something even bigger in store for the full, official reveal, of the Nintendo NX.