Last night the Nintendo community was buzzing when new talks of brand new Nintendo hardware surfaced over the web.

During a Tokyo Press Conference that took place just yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that they will be partnering with the Japanese mobile/online company ┬áDeNA. Nintendo and DeNA will be working in unison to start bringing their IP’s to mobile platforms. Nintendo will be bringing brand new games to mobile platforms, that will not be available on the Wii U and 3DS, opening up a brand new market for them to work in as a whole.

Nintendo hopes that partnering with DeNA and bringing games to the mobile platform, will encourage users to purchase Nintendo consoles and handhelds going forward, which leads us to the Nintendo NX.

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo of Japan, also confirmed during the press conference, that they have already begun work on brand new hardware which will feature a brand new design/concept, and will be discussed about much more heavily in 2016. This new piece of hardware, code-named “Nintendo NX” will tie into Nintendo’s brand new membership service, which is being built from the ground up along with DeNA, as an official replacement for Club Nintendo. This new service is said to incorporate multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Many expect this new piece of hardware to replace the Wii U. However considering Nintendo has stated this hardware will feature a brand new concept, it feels more than fitting that this would be a new handheld considering the “DS” concept has been continuing for well over a decade now. Though the Wii has been continued in a way with the Wii U, the Wii U also already features a new concept in general. I guess E3 2016 will be the year we see whats next?