It’s been a very exciting day for all of us Nintendo fans out here! Yesterday, Nintendo took to social media to let their fans know that they would be revealing details regarding what their plans are for E3 2015, along with a picture of Reggie dressed as little mac. Many believed this was hinting at a possible Little Mac announcement that might be made at E3 this year, but after watching their reveal video today, that immediately began to seem a lot less likely.

Along with a very fun video, mainly centered around Reggie leaving Nintendo to train for their 2015 Nintendo World Championships (I’ll get to that in a moment), ¬†they briefly touched¬†on their presentation format for this year. As expected, they will be returning with their Digital Event Presentation this year, along with Treehouse Live @ E3, which will feature a host of developers from the several titles that will be announced during the presentation, along with……..THE NINTENDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! That’s right! After 25 years, Nintendo is breaking back the Nintendo World Championships! Set to take place at the Nokia Theatre in LA on June 14th. The event will feature several different titles, and several rounds with one player at the end being crowned the 2015 Nintendo World Champion!

On May 30th, select Best Buy locations within major cities around the country will host qualifiers for the Championship, winners from each region, plus chosen competitors invited by Nintendo will be flown our to LA for the Championships. The final event will be streamed online for those of you who will not be able to attend in person. Many more details regarding the qualifiers and the event in general will be revealed within the coming weeks.

While on the topic of Best Buy, Nintendo also announced that they will be making Mario Maker playable at a number of Best Buy locations on June 17th and June 20th for all of us to get our hands on. Wow, so much hype and it’s not even E3 yet!


Nintendo’s Digital Event will take place on June 16th at 12pm ET/ 9am PT. We will be covering it all live as it happens, so stay tuned here for the latest announcements.