If you’re looking to pickup some of Nintendo’s hottest releases, for a cheaper price-point, now is the perfect time to do so! Yesterday, the companies yearly Spring Sale went live, offering numerous first party titles and more, at a discounted rate.

A few good steals consist of Mario Kart 7 for $20.99, Mario Kart 8, for $41.99, and even the newly released Story of Seasons for $29.99. There are a slew of titles being offered at a discounted rate, so you can head on over to the official website to check out all of the listings.

In addition to this, the games you purchase will also give you My Nintendo Gold points, which can also redeem for items such as Wii U and 3DS games. All you have to do is ensure your Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo Account are in sync, so you will receive the points.


The Nintendo eShop Super Spring Sale will conclude on April 1st at 8:59am PT, so be get those wallets our, and start spending!