As many Switch owners may already know, the full Switch online experience is still yet to be released – or even talked about really. With the original plan to release the online service, as well as begin charging for it, was slated for Fall of 2017 – the service was ultimately delayed to a further time which we now know as Fall of 2018 (yes a year delay, yikes.) While many were happy about the delay due to now having to pay for the online service, I think many are beginning to have second thoughts – as new online features are definitely strongly desired among most Switch users.

Well, good news! Information which has recently come from Nintendo’s President, Tatsumi Kimishima, has once confirmed that a expanded, subscription based version of the online service is set to begin this September. The service has been stated to provide Switch users with a “richness of online features that will allow users to continuously enjoy the Nintendo Switch”. While it’s nice and all that Nintendo seems to have some features in their pocket that will make the annual subscription well worth the money, it would definitely nice to know what exactly these features are. According Kimishima, details regarding the features for the service will be revealed via the Nintendo website sometime in early May.


It’s definitely great to hear that some new features for the online service are definitely on the way! While I definitely wouldn’t mind paying for a Switch online service, everything feels a bit plain at the moment. Here’s to hoping the Switch receives some sort of messaging system, and more Lobby App support for other big Switch titles; such as Mario Kart, ARMS, Pokken, Mario Tennis, and even the new Smash Bros title!