ARMS is set be the next large-scale fighter which Nintendo will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch console, this June. If you are a fan of Wii Boxing or any of the other motion controlled boxing titles which launched on the Wii, then ARMS is likely the perfect title for you.

During the recent Nintendo Direct Presentation which took place this week, Nintendo finally fully unveiled ARMS, revealing a ton of information regarding the game as well as announcing some brand new characters, Minmin and Spring Man.


Image result for ARMS spring man

The game was also confirmed to be receiving a two-on-two mode which will either be double the fun or a complete mess, I suppose time will tell. In ARMS every fighter is unique, featuring their own set of abilities and arms, however upon unlocking different characters, you’ll be able to customize other characters arms with arms you’ve unlocked in the game; ultimately enabling you to create a fighter that fits your play-style.


ARMS officially arrives on the Nintendo Switch on June 16th, so if you’re craving some long-rage, fist throwing action, you’ll definitely want to jump on this title as soon as possible.