Nintendo recently held what is quite likely to be the companies final major Nintendo Direct Presentation early this Evening, and while the Presentation primarily focused on titles that have been previously revealed, soon to make their way to the Nintendo platforms; some new surprises were also revealed as well.

Despite a lot of the major focuses being first-party titles, Nintendo, with the Nintendo Switch especially has been receiving quite a bit of third party support, which is quite a surprise considering this has always been one of Nintendo’s weak points. The recent success of the Nintendo Switch however seems to be swaying development decisions when it comes to third party developers, as more and more third party games are beginning to be released as well as announced for the Nintendo Switch; so much so that one may begin to wonder, “Has Nintendo truly won back third party support?” Well, it may be a bit too early to tell; but based on today’s Direct Presentation, it’s quite clear that things are headed in a much better direction.

With Bethesda revealing┬áthat both DOOM as well as Wolfenstein 2 will be headed to the Nintendo Switch, two titles which I would have never guessed would end up on the platform; many gamer’s are beginning to feel that the Nintendo Switch may just be able to have much more third party support than previous Nintendo consoles.

While a bit dated, LA Noire has also been recently announced to be heading to the Nintendo Switch via a Special Edition re-release which will also be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and VR devices. L.A Noire originally released back in 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC.


While I will likely play my 3rd Party titles on platforms which are able to run them to their highest extent, it is very nice to see 3rd Party Support coming back around to Nintendo’s side, especially with the Nintendo Switch. Switch owners deserve to experience many of the great 3rd Party titles that are on the way, just like everyone else and the recent support seems to show things are definitely headed in that direction.