Sony and the developers of Hello Games have recently revealed at the Paris Games Week that the highly anticipated title, No Man’s Sky, will be released in June of 2016, with an exact date to be announced as June closely approaches.

The hype for No Man’s Sky, is huge at the moment, with it definitely making it’s way to becoming one of the most highly anticipated titles of all time! The game revolves around you, to put it simply, as a space adventurer, traveling and discovering an infinite number of planets! Each planet is apparently different, and never the same. On these planets you can collect materials, build bases, fight and kill things, and even make it your own!

The game is truly a giant beast to say the least. But even I still remain quite skeptical when it comes to the differences between all of the planets. I’m sure most mediocre players will only adventure throughout a few hundred planets maybe not even a hundred, before becoming burnt out of the game, but this really depends on exactly what all these planets have to offer.

I guess just like everyone else, I’ll just have to wait and find out, when the title arrives on PlayStation 4 in June 2016. The game will also be arriving on PC at a later date.