October is just around the corner! And what does that mean for us gamer’s besides portable Smash Bros galore? You got it! New Games for Gold members on Xbox Live! Recently, Microsoft has revealed all of the new titles coming to Games with Gold next month, Xbox owners will be receiving three different free titles next month!



With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 being first on the list, players will be able to duke it out online in strategic warfare with this awesome classic. It’s not that old of a title! But is definitely in need of a sequel.



DarkSiders 2 is second on the list, a very beautiful, and rich adventure game full of large environments and locations, set to have you exploring for hours on end. The game awesome has an awesome story, I’d highly recommend you guys to check this one out first!


Last up on the list is Chariot, a new indie from ID@Xbox developed by a Canadian team Frima. The game is a co-op platformer, which puts players in the roles of a princess along with her Fiance’, as they journey thorugh 25 different levels set in underground environments. The game promises hours of exploration, so you’ll definitely be in this one for the long haul. Check out the trailer!