2016 seems to be the year of RPG Delay Announcements. With Final Fantasy XV taking a delay from it’s initial September release date, to Kingdom Hearts 2.8 being pushed into 2017 from it’s initial Holiday release date, it seems no RPG is safe when it comes to releasing on time this year.

Unfortunately, yet another title, which was also originally slated for a 2016 release but then pushed until February 2017, has been delayed yet again to April 4th, 2017. Yes, that title is the highly anticipated Persona 5. No weeb tears, please.

Atlus recently released the following statement regarding the announcement:

“the Japanese release of Persona 5 smashed all our expectations, and as a company, we decided that we owed our fans the very best effort to make Persona 5 our gold standard in localization. Practically, this means redoubling our QA and localization efforts, even returning to the studio to record previously unvoiced lines.”


Atlus also went on to say that they “don’t want to rush this game” and that “In this case, it meant we needed to move the release back for the last time.” Hopefully this is truly the last time, as Persona 5 is likely the second most anticipated RPG title fans have been waiting to receive as of late, aside from Final Fantasy XV.

On a good note, however; alongside the announcement of the delay, Atlus also announced that the Western release of Persona 5 will include dual audio options, with users able to download the Japanese voice-over track, for free via DLC, at launch.

In addition to this, Atlus also revealed the updated artwork for the Persona 5 “Take Your Heart Special Edition” bundle, which you can still pre-order right now, at most major retailers.


Delays are something that really doesn’t surprise anyone when it comes to JRPG’s heading to the west, as lots of work is needed to be done in order to localize such a title. With Persona 5 being delayed well into Spring of 2016, what titles will you be playing to pass the time? Let us know down below in the comments!