Capcom has honestly been on a role lately, from Monster Hunter: World, to the Devil May Cry 5 reveal, and now – a port for a franchise that many hold dear!

That’s Wright! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is joining the spotlight once again, as the company has recently announced that the Trilogy will be coming to consoles and PC after having been exclusive to the Nintendo DS platforms for quite some time. The Trilogy will contain the first three main games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney which released back in 2011, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All which release in 2002, as well as Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, which released in 2004, completing the trilogy.

If you’re at all interested in law, as I once was, I would definitely suggest picking up the Ace Attorney Trilogy ports once they arrive on console. The game essentially revolves entirely around you, Phoenix Wright investigating a variety of cases, and defending clients in court. While it may sound like an odd concept to put in a video game, I assure you Capcom has been able to implement it arguably the best – which is why Phoenix Wright remains to be on the of the greatest franchises to bless the world of video games, till this very day.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is set to arrive sometime during early 2019 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.