It seems no one respects surprises anymore, as Platinum Games recently revealed that they are set to debut a new title during E3 2015, which kicks off next week. In case you have no clue who Platinum Games are, they are developers behind the Bayonetta series, and probably the only game worth mentioning (Yes, I said it).

In my opinion, Bayonetta is without a doubt the best game the company has developed yet, and while we probably won’t be getting a Bayonetta 3 announcement anytime soon, hopefully whatever they have in store for us next, is just as good. The company is set to reveal their new game via IGN’s Live E3 Show which is kicking off on Tuesday at 3pm.

In all honestly, I personally wish they hadn’t said anything about a new title, and just come out and surprise us, you know, like how companies used to do, but it seems the trend this year is announce everything a week prior to showing it off, but hey, times change I suppose.