In a recent surprise of events, The Pokemon Company International as well as Nintendo revealed that they would soon be sharing some pre-E3 Pokemon related news with us surrounding the brand new 2019 titles “Pokemon Sword & Shield” during a Pokemon Nintendo Direct Presentation which is set to take place next week.

This announcement shocked many, as most of us assumed that Nintendo wouldn’t be sharing any further information regarding the new Pokemon titles until E3 2019, however, it seems that they may be trying to make room for other announcements during the E3 Presentation.

The Pokemon Direct is set to take place on June 5th, but if next week is a bit too much of a wait for you, you’ll be happy to know that a Pokemon Press Conference will also be taking place in Japan, today at 6pm PDT. While we do not know exactly what will be touched on during this event, we do know that it will be “Pokemon” related updates, with the event being streamed live on Twitch.