Pokemon fans around the world have been speculating as to whether or not the recently confirmed 8th generation of Pokemon will see a release on the Nintendo Switch before 2018’s end. While Nintendo hasn’t said a word regarding the Pokemon Switch regarding it’s release date, or even anything about the game in general – but it seems recent rumors are hinting towards the possibility of the game receiving a Holiday 2018 release.

Industry insider Pixel Par recently tweeted that the title has been undergoing localization for the last several months, or even more as a possibility. The insider has also states to have received confirmation that Nintendo is targeting a 2018 release for the title, but much seems really dependent on whether or not the localization will be done in a timely fashion or not.


Regardless of when Nintendo decides to release Pokemon on the Switch, one thing is for sure and that is the certainty that we will receive an official announcement either at or before E3 2018. It’s what we’re all looking forward to after all.