If you were a Nintendo 64 owner, odds are you have either owned or came across the fun, memorable Pokemon title that is Pokemon Snap. I remember the title being one of the main demo titles to showcase the Nintendo 64 in retail stores, not too long after it’s launch. I also remember receiving the title for Christmas, several years later and thought it was the strangest thing ever. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong; I just always thought it’d be so much more fun if I could run around and snap pictures.

Regardless of that, the title is finally making it’s way to the Wii U via Virtual Console, tomorrow. The Wii U Virtual Console version of the title will allow you to use the gamepad to play the game, and will also allow you to have save states. In addition to this, if you are already an owner of the Wii Virtual Console version of the title, you’ll be able to purchase the Wii U Virtual Console version of the game at a discounted rate.


While it’s nice to finally receive this title on the Wii U, it would be awesome if a Pokemon Snap 2 released on the Wii U, unfortunately that’s pretty much 100% unlikely at this point. Scratch that, it is 100% unlikely. Despite this, we can at least reminisce and dream with the original, right?


Pokemon Snap arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow, Janurary 5th at 12pm ET.