It seems that the Nintendo bundles this holiday season, are never ending, from the midnight purple + Luigi’s Mansion Bundle, to the Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds Bundle with the Zelda themed 3DS XL, all the way to the more recently announced Silver 3DS XL bundle, which included Mario & Luigi Dream Team. Either way, Nintendo is breaking the real packages this holiday season, and they haven’t stopped yet!

Earlier today Nintendo announced two new Nintendo 2DS bundles were on the way, which come in Red and Blue color, and are being bundled with Pokemon X & Y. The red 2DS bundle will include Pokemon X version, the Blue 2DS bundle will include Pokemon Y version. Titles are pre-installed onto the 3DS, so the convenience of having the game digital is their. Quantities of these exclusive bundles are limited and are available as of today at both Toys R Us, and Target retailers.