I’m extremely stoked that Sony has decided to bring classic PlayStation 2 titles over to the PlayStation 4.

Now, in case you have been out of the loop, Sony has, for awhile now, have had a built in PS2 emulator within the PlayStation 4. No, that does not mean you can pop in your favorite PlayStation 2 discs and game away, but rather, digital PS2 titles are now a thing on the PlayStation 4, without the need of streaming them!

Recently reported by Gematsu, the ESRB has recently rated a handful of classic PS2 titles over on their website. These games include Wild Arms 3, Siren, Primal, Okage: Shadow King, and Ape Escape 3.

With already 2 waves of PS2 titles recently released for the PlayStation 4, it’s no surprise that more are on the way, so I find this report to be extremely likely. Personally, I could not be more excited, as my favorite PlayStation 2 title ever, Ape Escape 3, will finally be playable on the PlayStation 4.

These newly added PlayStation 2 titles include Trophy Support, and have been up-scaled to 1080p, which is also very nice. The downside however, is due to these factors, they will cost a bit more than the average PS2 title.


Which PlayStation 2 titles are you excited to make their way onto the PlayStation 4? Make your voice heard! There is a very good chance it might come your way.