Luigi’s Mansion 3 has been in the works for sometime now, and while Nintendo has spent quite a bit of this year showing off the game every chance they get – up until now we’ve received very little word regarding when we might receive the game.

Fortunately though, Nintendo will be getting into the Holiday spirit when it comes to the Luigi’s Mansion 3 launch, as the company will be going out of their way to actually release a game that’s not on a Tuesday or Friday! That’s right, in case you don’t know, Halloween actually lands on a Thursday this year, and it seems Nintendo wants Luigi’s Mansion 3 to sport the launch date that it most certainly deserves, so that’s when we’ll finally be getting our hands on the game.

It’s actually a bit strange to see a full franchise spark out from one game “Luigi’s Mansion the first” that didn’t see a sequel for well over a decade. It really proves to show how much potential lies in dormant Nintendo franchises, and that most things deserve a second chance.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 31st, 2019.