500GB is quite a bit of storage, but for the hardcore media user, it runs out quite quickly. Luckily, for all of you Playstation 4 owners out there in the Europe and PAL regions, Sony has come up with the “ultimate” solution for your lack of storage problems.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that next month, on theĀ 15th, they will be releasing a 1TB model, PlayStation 4 system, which is currently being advertised as the “PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition”. It’s no surprise that this is on the way considering very recently Microsoft began releasing their own 1TB Xbox One consoles.

Many gamer’s are going the digital download route now, so the space runs out a lot quicker than ever. Pricing has not been officially confirmed by Sony as they advise you to check with your local retailer regarding the pricing. You never know, you might be able to score a 1TB model for the same price as a 500GB model.