If you are a fan of the Psychonauts franchise, you’ll be happy to know that Double Fine Productions and Sony have officially announced that the infamous platformer, Psychonauts, will be heading to the PlayStation 4 this Spring. The game originally launched on the PS2, alongside both Xbox and PC versions. The title will be available as PS2 classic download, something we have been seeing more and more of quite recently.

Psychonauts 2, will also be getting that PlayStation love! As the title has been confirmed to be arriving on PlayStation 4.

No word has been said as of yet regarding if the original Psychonauts PS2 release on the PS4 will simply be a direct port, or if it will be an up-scaled version of the original, however, based on the images Sony posted on the official announcement, it seems they are a tad better than the original.

We will keep you updated as further announcements and updates are made regarding the original re-release of Psychonauts, as well as the sequel.