If you’re an owner of the Xbox One version of PUBG, it’s quite likely that you’re probably wishing about now that you stayed with the PC version. While the Xbox One version is understandably quite a ways behind the PC version, I must say, being behind has never hurt to bad.

As an owner of PUBG on the Xbox One X, I myself was quite hopeful for at least a tad bit better experience when picking up the game on the console, mainly for it’s boasted “enhanced” benefits; but after learning that the game would be locked to 30FPS on both the original Xbox One as well as the Xbox One X, I started to ask myself what was the point?

Despite it’s shortcomings, when PUBG on Xbox works, it works quite well. I for one have been one of the lucky few to not experience many of the bugs that are reported to be in the game, aside from the occasional crashing. If you are one of those unlucky few, however, you’ll be happy to know that the first patch for the Xbox One version of the game has recently been released and is set to clear up some of the issues you may be having. You can checkout the list of changes, below:



  • Gas can now be used while on bike or bike with sidecar


  • Equipment icons on HUD will now be visible
  • Player icon is now more clearly visible on the world map
  • UI prompts now appear when reload and enter a vehicle options are present


  • Tweaked hair color options


  • Cleaned up sidecar passenger animations in first person view
  • Fixed player camera issues while a passenger on the backseat of a Buggy
  • Addressed arm animations specific to holding some weapons
  • Character now correctly faces the proper direction when stopping while swimming


  • First pass visual and performance improvements
  • Slightly improved anti-aliasing on Xbox One and Xbox One S
  • Localization updates for Vietnamese, Spanish,(Spain/Mexico)
  • Controls on motorcycle no longer inverted
  • Keyboard functionality is disabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instances of player nametags not properly displaying in the lobby during Squad and Duo play
  • Fixed minor animation while crouching and prone
  • Fixed issues where curtains on windows block line of sight of players in the TPP mode
  • Fixed an issue where when Squad leader left the party, voice chat ceased to function as intended
  • Fixed issue where players could lean out of vehicles even when obstructed
  • Fixed collision of cardboard boxes in Yasnaya city
  • Fixed typo in the controller guide
  • Other minor fixes


If you’re looking for a more complete PUBG experience, it’s definitely worth noting that the PC version is now leaving early access, and has just received a brand new map. On the other hand, if the Xbox One version is what you’re interested in, it’s also worth noting that these improvement patches are likely to arrive quite frequently, so expect the game to get progressively even better on the platform, as the weeks go by.

PUBG is available on both Xbox One and PC for $29.99