While it was extremely unlikely that PlayStation fans were ever going to straight-up receive a proper Red Dead Redemption backwards compatibility option, like on the Xbox One; there was still a slim chance that fans would receive it one way or another, and so they have…Hello PlayStation Now..it’s nice to see you again…

That’s right, Red Dead Redemption is now heading to¬† both PlayStation 4 as well as PC via PlayStation Now, becoming available to stream on this month. It will also come alongside with the DLC Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, which will also be available to stream on both platforms.

Sony’s PlayStation Now service hasn’t really been all that much praised ever since they first introduced it; but it seems that users are sort of trapped in a corner, as really no other proper option is available when it comes to wanting to play your PS3 games on your PS4. It’s something that is unlikely to be changed in the future, as for Sony to enable a proper backwards compatible option on the PlayStation 4 would basically mean killing off PlayStation Now all-together. But for those of you who do in fact run a solid, wired, internet connection; PlayStation Now might just be right up your alley – as long as you don’t mind streaming your favorite PlayStation 3 titles.


Read Dead Redemption Arrives on PlayStation Now on both PC and PS4 on December 6th.