The new Homefront title is an early 2016 release I personally feel, has been quite forgotten about and or under-looked by many. The original Homefront title was pretty mediocre, but wasn’t bad by any means.

Homefront: The RevolutionĀ is scheduled to launch during the first half of this year, however, it seems a popular retailer may have just leaked the official release date before Dambuster Studio’s could announce it.

Upon pre-ordering the title at Target, you will receive a reservation card, on the back of the card contains the release date of 5/17/16. While we haven’t heard official word on whether or not this is the exact date, it does seem safe to say that this date is quite likely.


Homefront: The Revolution will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A multiplayer beta was supposed to take place early this year, however no further word has been announced regarding that as of yet.

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