Lately, there has been quite a bit of information circulating around the net about Nintendo’s upcoming console, the “NX”. While a lot of this information may be false, today some information has been reported which is really looking to be quite legit.

We know Nintendo has been planning to elaborate further on the NX sometime next year, but recent reports are now coming out, claiming that the system may even see a Summer 2016 release, more specifically July.

Coming from DigiTimes, the report reveals that Nintendo is currently prepping for production of the ‘NX’ by October this year at the latest. The report also states that Nintendo has been in communication with their chain partners, to start preliminary production of the NX by October as well. Apparently Foxconn Electronics will be producing consoles within their facility, with Pegatron Technology currently looking to retrieve orders as well.

The orders are expected to be finalized and wrapped in Feb/March of next year, with mass production of the console to begin shortly afterwards, during the start of May/June. DigiTimes is currently suspecting this would mean that the console will be set to launch sometime within July of next year. According to several of their sources, Nintendo is also seeking to ship 20 million NX consoles in the first year, quite an aggressive push if you ask me.

It seems the ‘NX’ will be on store shelves sooner than we think, however, we still know very little about this console. Hopefully we do receive information very early on next year (January), as I’m quite excited myself to know more about this console which I WILL be purchasing.