Your next shot at getting your hands on a, what will more than likely end up being an extinct amiibo, Rosalina, is just around the corner. Pre-orders for the Rosalina amiibo figure sold out online within 15 minutes, yeah extremely fast, so unless you were one of the lucky browsers who managed to secure via pre-order, it seems your next shot at getting her on release is by picking it up in stores.

A target employee recently leaked online information regarding when Rosalina is set to hit target stores. And based on the image below, it seems January 30th may be that date. Now, the figure was originally rumored to be releasing on February 1st, so there is still a good chance your local Target will be hanging onto these figures in their back storage until that Sunday, however I’m sure more than a few Target retailers are bound to break the rumored street date. ┬áVisiting your local store during opening hours from Jan 30th – Feb 1st would probably be your safest option. Good luck out there!