Well the early E3 leaks just seem to continue.

Tonight, Smash fans hype meters filled to the max as leaked “end-game cut-scenes” for both Ryu, and Roy were leaked from an upcoming Super Smash Bros. DLC patch.

Sometimes you have to question whether or not these videos are actually legitimate, especially after the whole Rayman fiasco. However, after watching these videos, even the first time around, it’s hard to believe these to be fake.

Roy and Ryu have been highly rumored for quite awhile now. Information for the two characters were seemingly found within some of the coding for Smash, which included a victory theme for both characters, as well as announcer voice-overs for each character. I guess it was only a matter of time until the cat was fully out of the bag.

So what do you all think? Our all time favorite World Warrior, and Red Haired Knight are joining the fight? Let us know via Twitter @EXP4ALL