The NX is probably the biggest wonder within the video game industry at the moment. And with Nintendo barely even teasing us about their latest hardware, the anticipating has been driving fans mad, from all over the world. Recently, however, rumors have been swirling around the web regarding an apparent handheld console, Nintendo is currently working on, which is separate from the Nintendo NX.

Coming from a report from Traders Japan, the report discusses Nintendo making their way into new business endeavors by releasing the “next-generation game machine “NX” and next-generation portable game machine “MH” (tenative name)”.


Many of you may be a bit surprised, just as I am, regarding this report. As far as we’ve known, Nintendo has not been planning on releasing a new handheld hardware device, anytime soon; a dedicated one at least. Early NX rumors have claimed the console to be a hybrid of sorts, which would make sense why Nintendo wouldn’t be developing a dedicated handheld device. But with this recent rumor, it seems we may just be receiving two, instead of one, next-gen devices sometime in the near future.

The Nintendo 3DS has been out for sometime now, and while I still believe the system still has a bit of life left in it, I also feel like it’s on it’s last run. Handheld devices may not do well this day in age, especially with the influx of high-end smart-phones becoming a consumer norm. Odds are, Nintendo has by now adapted to this recent change, and has begun developing their next-gen handheld device to be a smart-phone/gaming handheld hybrid, or something of that.


What do you think about Nintendo developing a next-gen handheld device? Do you think the 3DS still has some life left in it, or is it about time for a new piece of hardware? Let us know on Twitter @EXP4ALL