How has your PS4 been holding up for ya? Is it a powerful enough piece of hardware for your gaming needs? If not, or if your PS4 is just a disc ejecting monster like mine is, you’ll probably take some interest in these PlayStation 4.5 rumors that seem to be continuously pouring out.

The latest information regarding the supposed updated system comes from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal reports that the machine will be able to run “higher-end” gaming experiences, and that it is set to be announced prior to the launch of the upcoming PlayStation VR.

While we haven’t received any specific details just yet, the multiple sources and reports that have been rolling out regarding the upgraded version of the console definitely make this rumor seem more believable.


It’s important to note that while the PlayStation 4.5 will possibly be a much more powerful console than its vanilla version, odds are that we will see other capabilities such as built-in 4k support for titles, and probably faster loading times as well. It’s likely that both systems will still share the same catalog of games, but with the PlayStation 4.5 having the ability to get better visuals, and a better experience overall.