With Sony being quite tight lipped on the largely rumored PS4.5/PS4 Neo, it’s been an absolute rumor-fest as to what exactly the company has in store as far as PlayStation 4 hardware updates are concerned, for 2016 and beyond. Before E3 2016, the company announced that they would not be revealing their updated PS4 hardware until sometime later in 2016. That time has still not yet come, however it’s beginning to seem that we are only weeks away from an official reveal.

Recently on the web, auction listings have been spotted for an apparent PS4 ‘Slim’ model over on Gumtree, with several pictures of the slimmed down version of the console, popping up online.

As you can already tell, the system has a much more “rounded” shape, around the edges, and appears to be slightly more compact, however, it’s almost barely noticeable.


The folks over on ThisGenGaming, have apparently received exclusive information from the seller behind one of the auctions, claiming that the PlayStation 4 Slim will officially be released on September 14th, after an announcement which is currently set to take place on September 7th. The 7th has been a highly suggested date for the reveal of the new PS4 model, as the company will be holding a PlayStation meeting in New York on that date, so it’s quite likely we will hear about this model, during that time.

With┬áthis leak still not confirming the existence of a PlayStation 4 Neo, it truly makes you wonder what Sony exactly has up their sleeves. It’s quite possible the rumored 4K PS4 announcement will be pushed into 2017, giving the company a proper amount of time to market and gain interest for the PlayStation 4 Slim; unlike Microsoft, who decided to announce both the Xbox Scorpio and the Xbox One S, on the say day.

Regardless of this though, I suppose we will have to wait till the 7th of September to find out exactly what Sony has up their sleeves. Not too long of a wait! But let us know in the comments below what you think Sony’s plans are regarding the PS4 Neo.