Video game companies love to hype things up, but it’s a pretty rare occurrence that company goes out of their way to tease that they have a “Huge” announcement in store. That’s what Sega just did, and it seems the announcement will be taking place at the Tokyo, Sega Fes 2018 which will be held from April 14th-15th at the Bellesalle in Akihabara Tokyo.


Now, most people are already probably assuming the title is most certainty something Sonic the Hedgehog related, I mean heck, it is their biggest franchise after all! But what else could Sega possibly have up their sleeves? The release of Shenmue 3 seems to still be somewhat of a way’s off, so the possibility of an HD Remaster could in fact be in the cards, or perhaps even a Virtual Fighter 6? Something I would definitely LOVE to see.

Regardless, all eyes are on Sega for now, as many of us are hoping that their announcement is able to live up to our expectations – I mean, can you really blame us after teasing this as something “HUGE”?

The stream will be taking place over on the SEGA YouTube page, so be sure to catch the announcement live as it takes place.