I’m not going to make this a depressing article, so I’ll try and keep this as optimistic as I possibly can.

It has been confirmed that Son has recently dropped “The Last Guardian”, as a trademark. As the United States Patent, and Trademark Office has revealed that Sony has simply let the trademark expire.

Much like Final Fantasy XV, the game has gone through a lot of changes and hardships, with team developers dropping out, and new ones coming, in, plus being in development for several, long years; we’re all left wondering what exactly had become of The Last Guardian, and now it’s seems we’ve received our answer.

Despite all of this, Sony has confirmed multiple times, that the game has not been cancelled and is still in-development. It would be foolish to think, even before this reveal, that the game was still in development for the PS3, at this point, if the game still does in-fact exist, it will be currently in development for the PS4. Many have now jumped on the “The Last Gaurdian is dead” bandwagon, and while the title itself may be “literally” dead, the game itself may very well still be alive.

Odds are, taking into consideration the multiple accounts throughout the past few years where Sony has confirmed the title to still be in-development; the game IS still coming, however more than likely, under a different title.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in-fact, it’s probably a good move by them to drop the title. This gives them a chance to in a way, start a fresh slate on the game, without carrying the burden (that being the old title) of a game that has been waited on for about 6 years now. Odds are this title, whatever it may be titled now, may have taken quite a different turn that from what we saw at E3 2009, and will be something entirely new, but containing the foundations of “The Last Guardian”.


This of course is all, total speculation, however hopefully Sony will comment on the situation very soon. We’ll more than likely be waiting till E3 2015 if there are any details about the game that are to be said.