Wow! Readers, I give you, the 2 weeks before E3! As usual, when E3 is right around the corner, leaks somehow find their way onto the internet one way or another. While my memory is quite cloudy when it comes to the few weeks pre-E3 2014, I could swear, there were not as many leaks last year as there have been this year.

With the several leaks revealed this week, the most surprisingly has got to be the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Earlier yesterday, an Ad for the game surfaced on the official PlayStation Store app. Considering the fact that this leak came from an official Sony app, odds are this was a mistake on Sony’s end to allow the ad to leak out a bit early.

Shortly afterwards, Sony took to the web, and officially announced that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, will be heading to PlayStation 4 this fall! In case you all are completely clueless as to what this is all about, the Nathan Drake Collection, is basically the Master Chief Collection, except for Uncharted. Uncharted 1-3 will all be bundled on one disc, fully optimized, running a 1080p 60FPS, for the PlayStation 4. The collection will also receive new trophies, a photo mode, and beta access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer. Pretty sick eh?

Hopefully we will be able to catch some gameplay during Sony’s Press Conference at E3. I’d love to see Uncharted running at a full 1080p 60FPS.