If you’ve been following the PlayStation social media accounts throughout the past 24hours or so, odds are you came across this cryptic tease regarding a potential new hardware reveal from Sony.

Shortly after the tease, many fans and followers on social media quickly began to speculate towards what exactly Sony is hinting at. The PlayStation 5 had came up quite a bit shortly after the tease, and even some rumors of a possible handheld console reveal. Well, while I hate to shatter your hopes and dreams, it seems the tease was nothing more than a publicity stunt to hype up one of the companies upcoming “themed” PlayStation 4’s which will be arriving this Holiday Season.

That’s right, Sony is in fact “gearing up” to release a Special Edition, Gran Turismo Sport PS4 this October, in celebration of the upcoming release of Gran Turismo Sport.

This themed system will be bundled with the Day One edition of Gran Turismo Sport, which will give players access to $250,000 of in-game credits, livery sticker packs, a chrome racing helmet to spice up you racing avatar, as well as 60 PS4 avatars.

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The themed system bundle will also be available in different variations for those of you who may not be into the silver design, or just want more or less HDD space. Sony has provided buyers with several different themed bundle options:

  • Jet Black PS4 1 TB edition
  • Jet Black PS4 500GB edition
  • Jet Black PS4 1TB, plus extra Jet Black DualShock 4 edition
  • Jet Black PS4 Pro edition

While this themed edition system may not exactly be the “reveal of something new” tease that Sony published on their social media, I do think it’s a pretty good bet that this is exactly what they were hinting at.

Gran Turismo Sport arrives on the PlayStation 4 on October 17th in the US, and October 18th everywhere else.