Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch, and with the recent reveal of both the LAN functionality as well as the Spectator Mode which the company has recently announced; it seems Nintendo is looking to prep us with as much Splatoon 2 information as possible, before it’s summer launch.

With that said, Nintendo has officially announced that a Global Testfire Demo for Splatoon 2 will be taking place on the Nintendo Switch from March 24th-26th. This Global Testfire period will be like an open beta of sorts, similar to what we received on the Wii U before the launch of the original Splatoon. The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire will be a weekend only event, and will feature six special 1-hour playtimes.

During this Global Testfire, odds are you’ll be given the importunity to play on some of the new maps that Splatoon 2 will feature, as well as some of the new weapons which are on the way. This will likely give developers an opportunity to test online stability, as well as weapon balance – ahead of the titles official launch.

Nintendo seems to be pushing Splatoon 2 to cater to the more competitive gaming/eSports crowd this time around, while also catering to the more casual players. It’s great to hear that come this March, Switch owners will be able to get a taste of how Splatoon will play on the Nintendo Switch; especially considering the lack of titles available on launch day.


Splatoon 2 arrives this Summer on the Nintendo Switch.