Are you a kid or a squid?

That’s the million dollar question I have not yet been able to provide an answer to, but perhaps Splatoon 2 will lead me in the right direction.

Splatoon 2 was officially revealed today during Nintendo’s Switch presentation; as the title will be headed to the company’s brand new home console this Summer! This wasn’t the first time seen Splatoon and the Nintendo Switch all painted-up alongside each other; as during Nintendo’s Switch Preview Trailer we received a few months back, Splatoon was the last title to be shown off in the video, with many fans speculating that a port of the Wii U version would be headed to the Switch.

This isn’t exactly the case however, as Splatoon 2 is it’s own dedicated sequel, and will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The title will include brand new weapons, such as the Splat Dulies, as well new special weapons, new battle stages and ahh yes – local multiplayer!

You’ll also be able to play the title via the Joy con controller for the Pro Controller, whichever tickles your fancy. Multiplayer is set to be an even bigger focus this time around with Splatoon 2, as many are expecting Nintendo to push the title as the company’s first official eSport. The company has already begun to hold a tournament series for the title on the Wii U version, and with on-going in game events planned for the sequel; it seems they are going to build upon what they already have going.

Splatoon 2 is set to launch Summer of 2017.