The conclusion to Nintendo’s first MAJOR Nintendo Direct presentation since 2019 was a big one, and probably something not a lot of people were expecting. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even all that long ago that we were told by Nintendo themselves that the next entry in the Splatoon series wasn’t in development, but perhaps that was merely a cover?

Splatoon 3 was the final title announced during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, and has since took the internet by storm. While of course the game is still a long way’s off, with it set to release sometime during 2022 – the reveal trailer did provide a bit of insight on what we can expect in the third entry. For starters, it turns out that the Team Order vs Team Chaos Splatfest results have actually resulted in an impact on the upcoming games story, as the world seems to have entered a more chaotic, and barren state, as displayed within the beginning of the trailer. We also learn that in this title, both Octolings and Inklings will be present, both in which featuring brand new and more customization options!

The game also features some new as well as returning weapons from the first Splatoon which didn’t make their return into the second, as well as some new changes to the overall battles. It’s pretty safe to assume that Splatoon 3 will feature even more game-changing functions we are yet to see, and with the game still a very long way’s out, it will be exciting to see how it develops over time. In the meantime though…I’ll be working on finally hopping into ranked on Splatoon 2!