The 2004 PlayStation 2 title, Dragon Quest VIII, seems to be making it’s way to 3DS later this year in Japan. Earlier today Square Enix announced the title will be ported over to Nintendo 3DS system, releasing on August 27th this year in Japan, prices at 5,890 yen. Alongside of the official release details, they also announced some specific pre-order bonuses that you’ll be able to grab depending on which Japanese retailer you decide to pick it up from (for any of you Japanese readers out there).


[Weapon] Square Enix e-Store – Candy Cane (Yangus)
[Armor] Amazon Japan – Healie T-Shirt armor (all members)
[Helmet] Aeon – Healie Cap (all members)
[Weapon] Game Tsutaya – Gold Bamboo Spear (protagonist)
[Accessory] 7-Eleven – Lucky Pendant (all members)
[Shield] Yodobashi Camera – Metal Slime Tray (all members)


Square announced the game will feature a brand new scenario, new party characters, new music, and even voice-overs. As of now there has been no word as to whether or not Square Enix plans to release Dragon Quest VIII 3DS over west, though our odds aren’t looking to good considering the limited localisation of the franchise here in the past.