With more Press Conferences times and schedules being announced, the more crowded and occupied the overall E3 event schedule is starting to seem. It only just now came to my attention that both Square Enix, and Nintendo’s Media Briefings would be happening at the same time….prior to this announced delay, that is, from Square Enix’s side.

The company has announced that they will be pushing their Press Conference up a bit, scheduling it for 10am PT on Tuesday, June 16th; kicking off shortly after Nintendo’s come to a close. Smart decision by Square Enix considering most attendees and even viewers at home will more than likely be more obligated to catch Nintendo’s event, over Square’s by a landslide. This is not to say that Square Enix’s Press Conference isn’t carrying any hype. The company has been pretty quiet as to what they will be showing off, and sharing with us all during their first ever E3 Press Conference. However, we are more than likely going to receive updates on Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, and even Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenSward. It will be an interesting event to say the least.

You’ll be able to catch the event live from several streaming sites, but I would personally recommend tuning into Twitch.TV to catch the event. As we get closer to E3, we will provide an archive containing links to where you can catch every Press Conference live.