Dragon Quest X is what I crave for more than anything else. After forgetting about the title, off an on for a bit, Square Enix has brought the title to my attention once again, as the company has re-confirmed that the game will in fact be launching on the Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest X launched back in 2012, however, only in Japan. The title looks absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately Square Enix has stated time and time again that Dragon Quest’s success here on Western shores has either been a hit or miss as the IP is just not as big as the Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts franchise. Despite this, it seems the company is still readying to release the title on the Nintendo Switch even though it’s quite likely that the release will be for Japan only.


We’re expected to see a slew of upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch, this Thursday, during Nintendo Live Switch Presentation where we will finally receive official pricing for the title as well as official release dates. Many people have been speculating that Nintendo will finally do-away with region lock with the Switch, so if this is a case; fans that have been craving to play Dragon Quest X since 2012 will certainty be able to do so.