Square Enix Unveils ‘Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT’ Open Beta Details


Square Enix has recently revealed new details regarding the scheduled open beta period for the upcoming ‘Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT’ title, which is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 during the tail end of January 2018. While the title will be receiving a open beta in Japan during this month as well as January; both US and Europe will be getting the short end of the deal, as we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Square Enix has revealed that the open beta period for North America and Europe will take place between January 12th – January 21st. the beta itself is set to feature a few different modes as well as additional features for players to test out. Class match is one of the modes that will be available, where players will be able to form a team of three characters, which will either be all controlled by themselves or by having a two other friends take control via the Party function. Rush Battle is another mode which will be included in the open beta, where players will play-through a series of 3vs3 battles against the AI. Points earned through Rush Battle can be used to unlock cutscenes of the story, where players can get a sort of “first look” at the games main story.

In addition to the modes that will be included in the open beta, players will also be able to try out the customization feature; where you’ll be able to give your favorite characters in the game a unique look by changing their skins, EX skills, and symbol chats. Many of these cosmetics can be unlocked by playing through the many modes in the game.



Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is one of the main titles I am looking forward to during the start of 2018, despite it arriving at the end of January on January 30th. More details regarding the open beta are likely to arrive as we quickly approach the new year, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted in the latest updates.