Nintendo has really been trying hard to please their fans lately, and right now, they seem to be doing a pretty good job at it!

Nintendo of America has just confirmed that the smaller New Nintendo 3DS model is coming to North America! After originally having no plans at all to localize the standard New 3DS model, many fans within North America have been begging and showing much interest in the standard New Nintendo 3DS model. Mainly due to the many customizable face-plates, and themes the system has. It seems Nintendo has been paying close attention to the desire for this model within NA and has finally decided to release it our way.

The system however, will initially just be available as part of a special Animal Crossing: Happy Hoome Designer bundle. The bundle will include a white system, the game, two cover plates, and an amiibo card for $219.99. The bundle is slated to arrive on the 25th of September.

Despite just having purchased a New Nintendo 3DS XL model only two weeks ago, this is still looking very likely to be in my pocket on release day. Damn you Nintendo! Damn you!