For those of you who just can’t get enough Star Ocean action, Square Enix has announced that they have yet another remaster title on the way, this time with Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The title will be worked on alongside Tri-Ace and will be based on the Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, confirming that the title will have the same voice overs, portraits, treasure chests, and more. Things that will be a bit different however, are much more of the large scale. The PlayStation 4 version of the Remastered title will feature 4K support on the PS4 Pro, as well as full HD for the base PS4 system. The PC version of the remaster however, will enable users to remove the UI to take screen shots, and will also feature upgraded visuals and 4K support. Steam achievements, as well as Trophy Support will also be present in the game.

While the game is unfortunately has only been confirmed for a release in Japan, it’s quite likely that the West will see a release sometime soon, as Square Enix has generally been fairly quick with Remaster ports.

As of now, Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K/HD Remaster will launch in Japan on November 28th.