We’ve been waiting for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, for what feels like an eternity. But really, it’s only been about 2 years since Heart of the Swarm released. Anywho, it seems we will be getting an official release date for Legacy of the Void very soon!

Blizzard has announced that during the WCS Season 3 Finals which will be taking place on September 13th, they will also debut the World Premiere of the Legacy of the Void cinematic, as well as the launch date for the expansion. Legacy of the Void will be the final expansion within the StarCraft II franchise and will be mainly focused on the Protoss race this time around.

If you won’t be attending the WCS Season 3 Finals in person, you can definitely watch it all live at 10:00am PDT on September 13th at the StarCraft Twitch Channel