Stardew Valley was a pretty big 2016 hit, even when it was in it’s beta phase the game was all the rage for several months. Just when we thought things would die down a bit for the title, the developer “Eric Barone” finally brought the game over to next generation consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), which gave the game an even bigger audience, ultimately growing the community even more!

While the title was unfortunately absent form a Wii U release; we officially learned yesterday, during the Nintendo Indie Direct Presentation aka the “Nindies” showcase, that Stardew Valley would in fact be arriving on the Nintendo Switch this year. The game will be coming with all the bells and whistles we’ve all come to love within the current releases, but with something a tad bit extra – that’s right, multiplayer! While the multiplayer has already been confirmed to be arriving first on the PC version of the title, the Nintendo Switch will be the first console to receive the multiplayer feature for the title.

This is a pretty big deal considering Nintendo always seems to get the short end of the deal when it comes to multiplayer functions, however, Stardew Valley just seems like a game that’s just perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

Further details regarding how exactly the multiplayer feature for the title will function will be announced in the coming months.


Stardew Valley lands on the Nintendo Switch this Summer!