We all knew it was coming at some point, the next StarFox game in the franchise that we’ve been waiting for since the launch of the Wii.

We’ve received a few StarFox throughout the years, including StarFox Command – for the Nintendo DS, and StarFox 64 3D – which was basically an updated port of the 64 version for the 3DS. But finally we are getting that full fledged console StarFox experience fans have been craving for since the release of StarFox on the Nintendo GameCube.

The official title has been confirmed to be StarFox Zero designer of the game, Shigeru Miyamoto, emphasized that the game is neither a sequel or a re-boot, which kind of leaves the door open for it being a prequel. They got the idea “Zero” based upon the japanese character for “Zero”, or something of that sort, which gives the appearance of a foxtail when you write it on paper, pretty interesting. The inspiration for StarFox in general seems to stem from Miyamoto’s childhood experiences within Japan, and many of the arches within the architecture within his environment, inspired the level design of the games.

So far, StarFox Zero is shaping up to be a pretty gorgeous game on the Wii U. It’s looking to run at a full 1080p, 60FPS, and it seemed to have achieved that in a lot of the footage we saw today during their Digital Event. The game has heavy emphasis on using the game-pad to achieve perfect precision with you shots and takes use of the gyroscope to view your environments, almost as if you were it the cock-pit yourself.

The main screen, that being your TV, however, it used to showcase what is all going on within the action, displaying all that space pilot action at a stunning 1080p.

I’m excited to see more from this title as we approach closer to it’s release window, which is currently planned for Holiday of this year.