Super Mario Maker 2 was one of the main highlighted titles from Nintendo’s last major Direct Presentation, which showcased a slew of upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch. While most of us had a feeling that Mario Maker 2 was in fact on the way, as the Nintendo Switch is probably the perfect platform for the title – many assumed that the reveal would have been potentially held off for E3, however that proved to not be the case.

As we learned recently however, the game will in fact be launching a few weeks after E3 2019 takes place – as Nintendo has just revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 will be arriving on June 28th! The game will feature many new improvements and additions over it’s predecessor, and will likely make for a much better experience as you can stay creating and “making” on the go, with the Nintendo Switch.


Despite Super Mario Maker 2’s announcement coming before E3 2019, you can be sure that the game will have a major presence on the show-floor at E3, as Nintendo will be pushing it in our faces quite a bit leading up until it’s official launch.